Organic Emmer Rigatoni Pasta - 100g

Pastificio Carleschi

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Stoneground Organic Wholegrain Emmer Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta - 1 x 100g serve

Emmer or Farro as it’s more commonly known, was cultivated in ancient times throughout the Middle East and Old Europe. It was the only wheat used in ancient Egypt!

Emmer is higher in crude protein than bread wheat but has low dough extensibility, emmer dough does not stretch and rise like bread wheat; for that reason emmer makes excellent pasta.
Emmer wheat as an ancient wheat is rich in fiber, protein, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidant compounds, and vitamins, emmer is a complete protein source when combined with legumes, making emmer pasta ideal for vegetarians or for anyone simply wanting a plant-based high-quality protein source.

This emmer pasta is stoneground wholegrain so none of the amazing nutritional and health benefits of this grain are lost in the milling process.

About Pastaficio Carleschi

They were the very first British, Artisan dry pasta producer in the UK and their pasta has won numerous Great Taste awards. 

“Sustainability is at the heart of every decision made at Pastificio Carleschi. We chooses to work with sustainability focused farmers and millers in the UK who are actively looking to enhance the health of the soil and environment whilst producing their heritage grains. These grains were specifically chosen because not only do they grow well in a low input organic system, but because of their height and root density they are perfectly designed to strive in a regenerative farming system. On top of this, they are rich in fibre and boost a variety of micronutrients not found in modern wheat, so you can imagine why using and creating a demand for these types of grains are beneficial now and crucial for our future.

More benefits to sourcing locally include guaranteed freshness, total traceability and low food miles. We are certified organic by the Soil Association so all grains and milled products are grown without chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemicals. Simply put, it’s wheat as nature intended. This method maintains the quality of the soil, fosters biodiversity, reduces pollution from nitrogen run-off, uses less energy and supports both human and animal welfare. Other sustainable strategies we implement include how our London based factory runs completely on 100% green energy and have 100% plastic free packaging.”

Ingredients: Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Emmer (WHEAT).
Contains GLUTEN, not suitable for coeliacs.