Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll The Give Edition Double Length Roll - Each


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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving? This limited edition features artist-designed patterns so you can beautifully wrap your presents or gift the rolls individually throughout the whole year. And that’s all while giving back to people in need… Take that, Santa.

There are endless ways to craft your way through a box of The Give Edition, but here are some of the things you could make by reusing the rolls, box and wrappers: Christmas crackers, paper garland, place cards, baubles, table centrepiece, bows for presents (and your hair!), very heavy earrings, very light football, party hats, clothes for dolls, clothes for cats, clothes for your good friend Julius, a festive igloo, a very modern art installation entitled, “A Box of Toilet Paper” and so, so much more.