Rude Health Coconut Milk Drink - 1L

Rude Health Coconut Milk Drink - 1L

Rude Health

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Rude Health Coconut Milk Drink - 1L

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This product is :- Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic

We take all the lovely white stuff out of coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, pure mountain spring water and a pinch of sea salt. The coconut’s good oils give it a creamy texture, while giving you all kinds of nutrient goodies.

Shake well after opening. Make any breakfast sunnier by pouring Coconut Drink over a bowl of your morning favourite. Transform your coffee into a luxe latté. Mix it with pineapple juice for a mocktail Piña Colada. Try it instead of milk for pancakes!

Ingredients: Natural spring water, Organic rice, Organic coconut butter (2%), Sea salt 

Shake well after opening.