Acacia Wood Soap Dish

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Acacia Wood Soap Dish
The perfect home for your lovely soaps! Made from dark Acacia wood, it's small, stylish and superbly functional. The soap dish is higher quality than our ladder dishes, smoothed to a lovely finish with drain holes allowing water to filter through and increase longevity of your soap.

Acacia wood is naturally antibacterial, which will ensure a clean space for your soap.

The dish is 100% biodegradable and vegan, with one tree planted by ZWC for each dish purchased.

At the end of its life, the dish can be composted, although we recommend breaking it down into smaller pieces if possible. It can also be used as fire wood! Don’t forget to recycle the packaging!

Packaging: made from 100% recycled non-bleached Kraft paper, and printed with soy ink.