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Bakers Instant Dried Yeast - 500g Pouch


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Bakers Instant Dried Yeast 

DCL bakers' dried yeast is a high performance, consistent quality yeast. It is simple to use but careful observance of the correct yeasting level and dough processing temperature is important for best results. The yeast granules dissolve in liquid, making them active and releasing carbon dioxide which makes the bread dough rise. Simply add directly to flour to make delicious breads.

Quick and easy to use for many dough based recipes

Contains less than 5% added sugar

Ready for immediate use

Add directly to flour

Perfect choice for even the novice baker!

This is a ready to use product.

The standard guidelines for making bread is 1% dried yeast to flour ratio. So for 500g of flour you could add 5g dried yeast.

Ingredients: Yeast (98.5%), Emulsifier Sorbitan Monostearate (E491) (1.5%)