Bamboo Cutlery Zero Waste Utensil Set

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Bamboo Cutlery Zero-Waste Utensil Set 

Lightweight bamboo cutlery for on-the-go eating!

Enjoy your meals the eco-friendly way. Our bamboo cutlery set lets you avoid disposable utensils. You’ll never use plastic spoon, fork, and knife ever again!

Moreover, this set is totally reusable. Each item is crafted with high quality, organic bamboo.

Why bamboo cutlery?
It is lightweight and durable. Thus, it’s also good for on-the-go feasts. Since it’s bamboo, it’s very strong. In addition, it can last a long time. We believe that bamboo is one of the best replacements for plastic. 

We use zero-waste packaging with paper sticky tape to pack online shop and wholesale orders from the UK and the rest of the EU.

It’s not too late to turn the tide on plastic! Start with reusables.

Our bamboo cutlery set is perfect for picnics, travel, and camping. Furthermore, it is suitable for everyday use on the go. Always have bamboo at the ready, grab yours now!

Our sets can be composted and are biodegradable. In fact, sustainable bamboo can add a lot of nutritious value back to the earth in a home compost. The finish is 100% soybean oil, which is derived from plants.  

Plastic Phobia offset the carbon emissions of shipping the goods from China. They do this through