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Belvoir Lime & Soda Pressé - 750ml


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Belvoir Lime & Soda Pressé in glass bottle - 750ml
This zesty lemon and lime pressé is perfect for mixing with rum and mint leaves for a fresh icy Mojito.

Light, sparkling and with all-natural ingredients, it has the invigorating sharp taste of freshly squeezed lime juice, blended with a touch of lemon for the most refreshing finish.

Exceptionally light and lively, this sparkling lime & soda drink has the aromas and flavours of invigorating and naturally sharp, tropical freshly squeezed lime juice. Made by blending lime juices with a touch of lemon for a wonderfully refreshing, zingy taste.

Free From Additives

Free From Artificial Flavours

Free From Artificial Preservatives.

This product is Vegan.

Packaging: Glass Bottle widely recycled.

Ingredients: Carbonated spring water, sugar, freshly squeezed lime juice 3%, lime juice from concentrate 3%, lemon juice from concentrate