Organic Mesh Cotton Produce Bag (Large)

SW Coast Refills

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These certified organic mesh produce bags are ideal for your fruit, veg and herbs. They’re breathable which means you can leave your fruit and veg inside the bag.

They’re made responsibly, ethically and by farmers who respect nature and observe the guideline of the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Produce bags are designed to be used over and over again, unlike the flimsy single use plastic bags pushes at shoppers in supermarkets. These produce bags give you the consumer the power to make a difference and vote with your feet. Be part of the circular economy, not the linear with reusable produce bags.

Size: Large: 26cm x 20cm 

Who are GOTS?

GOTS or the Global Organic Textile Standard are a world leader in certifying organic fabrics from farm to factory. As an organisation, GOTS play a vital role in the production and transparency of the organic textiles supply chain.

Why is organic cotton so important to our planet and to SW Coast Refills?

When we decided to stock a range of reusable produce bags, we didn’t just want to solve the problem consumers were currently facing: using a single use, flimsy plastic bag typically found in abundance in the fruit and veg section of all supermarkets, but we wanted to ensure that the fabric used to make these bags were :

Organically farmed, traceable and certifiably organic. No harm to the cotton farmer or local ecology.

Organic farming actively benefits the environment which is why GOTS are so important to us. Firstly the cotton farmers are not exposed to chemicals that are harmful to their health. Local eco-systems aren’t subjected or exposed to unnatural practices either as solutions are put in place that respect farmers and the local eco systems.

The Global Organic Textile Standard will only ever give their certification to farms that are committed to the GOTS standards.

This bag is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. The string is natural unbleached organic cotton, with no dye. Long-lasting, washable and a reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags or Tupperware containers. GOTS-certified, this ensures that the cotton has been organically grown and that fabrics have been treated in an eco-friendly way.

How to hand wash - turn them inside out and soak in cold water to help prevent stains. Hand wash in your sink with a little washing up liquid, then a quick rinse under the tap. Line dry.

For a deeper clean, soak the bag for a few hours in vinegar and water (apple cider or white vinegar) 1 part vinegar to two parts water.