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Disco Glitterball Glitter Trio Kit

Eco Glitter Fun

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This glitter set includes 4ml of bio glitters Golden Uber Disco Ball, Verde Blend and Rojo Blend. This also includes our glitter application vegan aloe vera gel, a bamboo application brush in a recycled cardboard box and a ‘How to Apply’ Card.

Product Description:

As its made from a modified regenerated cellulose film from sustainable sources it is incredibly safe, simple and easy to use. Once in the natural environment the multicolour glitter is metabolised by the presence of micro-organisms present in soil, compost or a waste water/ocean environment.

The glitter is cosmetic grade but can also be used for arts & crafts, candle & soap making and mediation jars & snow globes.


Cellulose film from sustainable sources

We use 100% recyclable materials when sending, including recycled cardboard and paper packing tape.

Additional Details:

Biodegradable and eco-friendly
Plastic-free packaging
Great for a number of occasions including festivals & parties
Suitable for kids over 3 years
Can be used on hair, face, & body
Made with Bioglitter® Pure, plants not plastic!
Suitable for cosmetic use
Vegetarian Friendly and Cruelty-free
100% plastic-free

We recommend application with Aloe Vera Gel.

Allergy Warning:

All our glitters do not contain food allergens such as eggs, peanuts, milk, sesame seeds, fish, soybeans, mustard, lupin, mollusc, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide, celery, cereals, and nuts.

About Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Glitter fun was born from two fun loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world. We sell biodegradable glitter pots and sets online, via retailers and we partner with brands, events and influencers - all in aid of spreading the 'reduce plastic' message. We sell our biodegradable glitter in plastic free packaging and strive to reduce the amount of plastic used in every aspect of our business. We strongly believe that we need to protect our precious earth from further damage and do everything we can to reverse the harm that 100 years of plastic has created. We hope you use our glitter to help educate people on how to reduce their plastic consumption. Our eco glitter is made from a biodegradable cellulose film. This means that once its in the natural environment, microbes consume it, causing no harm to Mother Earth.  We are official Bioglitter® licensed resellers. Guilt-free sparkles from Eco Glitter Fun.