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Doves Farm Gram Flour Gluten Free - 1Kg


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Doves Farm Gluten Free Gram Flour 1kg

A naturally gluten free flour made from chana dal

Free from Gluten

High Protein and Fibre

Kosher - KLBD Parve

Milled from chana dal, gram flour is sometimes called besan flour. This fine yellow flour is great for fritters, batters, pancakes, sauces and as a vegan egg substitute.

My gluten free journey began in 1978 when I discovered how difficult it was to find suitable grains and foods for a gluten free diet. The distinctive attributes of alternative grains and their ability to create spectacular dishes is still my inspiration.
Gram, or chana dal, is a member of the chickpea family commonly used throughout the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. Gram Flour is popular in both savoury and sweet dishes and is a vegan egg substitute if mixed with equal quantities of water. Today there is an increasing need for foods free from gluten and other allergens including milk, peanut, egg and soya. Unlock a world of FREEE baking with our back of pack recipes.
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Chana Dal