Exfoliating Body Buff Sponge

Tabitha Eve

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This gentle exfoliating body sponge is handmade from organic cotton flannel and a slightly scrubby natural cotton side. These body buff bath sponge are filled with a mix of organic cotton and naturally antibacterial and fast drying bamboo, the recycled scraps from Tabitha Eve's organic make up rounds!

This bath sponge is completely biodegradable and is a great zero waste alternative to plastic body sponges.

Tabitha Eve hand make beautiful bamboo and cotton products which make it easier to live a more zero waste lifestyle. From their eco-friendly cleaning accessories to their organic makeup rounds, each item by Tabitha Eve is made in the UK with the purpose of promoting a greener everyday lifestyle. Alongside using sustainably-sourced materials, all packaging used is plastic-free including the delivery packaging.


It can be laundered with normal load on cool and hung to dry. Should last you very well if cared for properly but should you ever feel like your None Sponge is ready for the bin, fear not! It is fully biodegradable, just cut up (carefully) and add to the middle of your compost heap.

Materials - Cotton & bamboo.

Product packaging - Brown card that is made from 100% recycled waste fibres.