Hairy Ballz Microplastic Removing Laundry Balls

Hairy Ballz

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Hairy Ballz Laundry Balls - 100% wool balls to collect microplastic from your clothes during the wash cycle. Use as a pair to prevent microplastics entering our streams, rivers and oceans.

Made locally in Weymouth.

Unlike other types available on the market now, these already have their own fibres and aren’t reliant on build up of fibres from your clothes to get them working. They will work from the first wash cycle!

How to use:
Step 1 - get your Ballz out
Step 2 - shove your Ballz in your wash
Step 3 - leave your Ballz to swish around
Step 4 - check your smalls for escaped Ballz.
Step 5 - replace your Ballz when they become soft and fuzzy
Step 6 - dispose of your Ballz in a clothing bank or your usual recycling collection - they are only fabric.

And remember to check your Ballz regularly ⏰ to make sure they are healthy, we mean your woollen ones obviously... but if you have them also remember to check your human ones too.

Every purchase of Hairy Ballz supports @surfersagainstsewage and @ballboyscharity

Join the Zero Waste Revolution and grab a pair of Hairy Ballz!