Harry’s Hot Chocolate Tremendously Chocolatey - 100g Refill

Harry’s Hot Chocolate

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Tremendously Chocolatey Hot Chocolate by Harry’s Hot Chocolate - 100g Refill

Rich and velvety, this Hot Chocolate is a drink for the real connoisseur, it has a high cocoa content and a delicious intense cocoa flavour. It's actually delicious as a cold chocolate too, mix it up with ice on hot days!

Or you could add syrups to create some interesting flavour variants. How about a shot  vanilla or hazelnut?

Have a go, be creative and see what you can come up with. Incredibly versatile chocolate powder, you can even use it make a rich, thick chocolate sauce or ice cream milkshakes!

Top tip: top with our Vegan Mini Marshmallows!

This product is suitable for: vegan, vegetarian, coeliac.

Our Tremendously Chocolatey Hot Chocolate is just that. Made using 55% Dark Chocolate and cocoa powder with a higher fat content to ensure a richer smoother more indulgent chocolatey taste. With no additives, preservatives or anything artificial it's just pure deliciousness. 

  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • Palm Oil Free

This Hot Chocolate is amazing!!! The team at SW Coast demolishes enough to vouch for it!  A perfect treat when you need a guilt free minute to yourself.

Use plant mylk, cows milk, nut milk - whichever is your go to it tastes equally great!

With no additives, preservatives or anything artificial it's just pure deliciousness. Nut free, Palm Oil free, Gluten Free. All but the white chocolate are suitable for vegans as dairy free.

There are five delicious flavours to choose from, so go on, which will you try first?
Tremendously Chocolatey
Wondrous White Chocolate & Butterscotch (contains dairy)
The Dark One (70% Cocoa)
Outrageously Orange
Marvellously Minty

100g Refill portion served in either a paper bag or into your own container.
100g serve yields 3-4cups of hot chocolate.

Who is Harry?
An independent business, Harry's is the brain child of...you guessed it Harry! Harry Blake from Nantwich in Cheshire. From an early age there were 2 things Harry loved, milkshakes and hot chocolate. Despite making himself ill after drinking 7 milkshakes in a row at TGI Friday's at aged 10, he is still obsessed with it and started Harry's in 2012. Constantly striving to improve not only the recipe but also the packaging, sustainability is very important to him.


Ingredients: Dark chocolate 55% cocoa powder, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin.

Allergens: see allergens listed above in bold.