Hot Chocolate Bombe Individual

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Hot Chocolate Bombe Individual

Oh my! A hot chocolate bombe from Cocoba Chocolate IS the ultimate at home hot chocolate! 

Excite yourself and all the family with our Hot Chocolate Bombes. These Belgian chocolate bombes melt when hot milk is poured over with anticipation as the mini marshmallows hidden within suddenly appear!

Made from 100% Belgian milk chocolate, with mini marshmallows hidden inside. Put the hot chocolate bombe in a mug, slowly pour over steaming hot milk, and watch as the chocolate melts…. Dreamy!

Have you also seen our Hot Chocolate Spoons? They are ideal for a one-off hot chocolate. Kids love them as can make the hot chocolate themselves, and can and lick the spoon after! Choose a variety of flavours to create your perfect collection. 



If you love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa every night, with a delicious hot chocolate, then you need our hot chocolate bombes in your life!

Made in the UK.

packaging: recyclable cardboard with plastic window