Moopops Reusable Bottle Tops - 3 Pack


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Mixed pack of 3 pastel coloured reusable silicone tops.

Designed to fit standard UK one pint glass milk bottle.

Dishwasher and fridge safe. Funk up your fridge!


The number of times an average glass milk bottle is reused (known as trippage) is actually around 20 but it can be as much as 50 times. Overall that makes re-usable milk bottles a more energy-efficient choice than disposable plastic. When a milk bottle becomes too scuffed or damaged to reuse, it’s recycled. Glass can be recycled indefinitely.


The average glass milk bottle in the UK has about 35% recycled glass in it – although it can depend how much recycled glass is available. Which is a reminder that the more glass we all recycle, the more recycled glass gets used, and the more energy is saved.

​Doorstep delivery only stands at around 3% of the liquid market and while it still remains a favourite with millions of consumers we can do better. If we can increase that percentage we can help turn the tide on plastic waste in the UK.


If we all take small steps we can make big changes.


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