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Natural Super Scrubbing Bush - Eco Living

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A natural, plastic free scrubbing brush, with plant-based bristles.

Suitable for cleaning/scrubbing jobs around the home, removing stubborn stains from hard flooring and surfaces throughout your home.

This household brush has natural bristles so scrubbing the sink won't result in any microplastics from entering waterways and the ocean. Allow the brush to dry out between uses.

Having a clean, eco home is easy with an Eco Living Super Scrubbing Brush.

This eco-friendly, plastic-free brush is ethically made in Germany using local sustainable FSC beech and has stiff, hardwearing union fibre bristles made with a mix of tampico and palmyra fibres. When the brush is worn out, simply compost it with your garden waste.

This brush measures approx 23 x 5 cm.

Eco Living produces eco-friendly, sustainable household products that are perfect for embracing a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle. Absolutely everything is ethically made from eco-friendly, naturally sourced materials and ecologically packaged too.

Product Care:
Please allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.

Size: 23cm x 5cm