Oggs Aquafaba Liquid Egg 200ml

Oggs Aquafaba Liquid Egg 200ml


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Our Aquafaba works just like eggs as an ingredient in home baking and cooking. It is suitable for hundreds of sweet and savoury recipes – from sponge cakes and meringues, to mayo, mousses and so much more!

We've cracked it - this is chickpea water, aka Aquafaba, and it works EVERY time. Perfect for vegan baking, simply whip and whisk just like an egg in your favourite recipes.

Can I poach / fry it?

We wouldn’t recommend it! Nor would we suggest washing your hair with it or using it as a facemask for that matter.

Our Aquafaba works best when it’s used as an ingredient in baking and cooking… whisk, whip and fold it as you would an egg; but just don’t dip your soldiers in it!

Aquafaba is a brown, cloudy liquid, with a sweet and slight beany aroma. Once you start whisking it however, it gets much paler and will produce a white foam. The longer you whisk for, the thicker the mixture will be. To create soft peaks that leave a slight trail, we recommend whisking for 2-3 minutes. For completely stiff peaks, you should whisk for 4 minutes on a high speed. The Aquafaba has a sweet and slightly beany smell.

Can I freeze it?

hell, yes!

Ingredients: Aquafaba (100%) (Water, Chickpea Extract)