Plastic Free Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner 5 pack

Iron & Velvet

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Iron & Velvet concentrated antibacterial surface cleaner for bathroom surfaces. 5 x surface cleaner sachets (concentrated product) Made using plant derived, sustainably sourced ingredients. Orange and Ginger scented. 🍊 By far the best eco-friendly cleaning solution out there for those who are short on storage space, or cannot visit their local zero waste refills shop. They have an incredibly low carbon footprint as they are produced right here in the UK and freight shipping by weight from the West Midlands is minimal. Cleverly designed with dissolvable sachets, they do a fab job in tackling bathroom tiles, sinks, toilets, showers and floors. Designed to work against limescale build up. Ideally used in a spray bottle, the handy pack comes complete with dilution instructions and even some sticky labels for your bottles too! (Note: bottles not included) Water soluble sachets and a recyclable Cardboard outer with FSC certified paper. WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE USED? Iron & Velvet based their products on naturally derived plant extracts and materials including pure essential oils for the fragrances, a sustainably sourced palm oil derived soap, a secondary soap made from waste plant material left over from biofuel manufacture. They also use C12-15 Alcohol Ethoxylate and Isopropyl Alcohol at less than 0.4% and Monoethanolamine at less than 0.01% in the end cleaning solution for stabilising the essential oils and ensuring a safe pH. Cruelty Free Vegan 🌱 Toxin free 🌱 Made in the UK