Polka Dot Biodegradable Paper Tape 24mm x 50m

SW Coast Refills

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Sustainable plastic-free paper tape printed with a fun and playful polka dot pattern.

This product is made in the UK with natural rubber plant based adhesive. It is a vegan product, made plastic free.

This paper tape is the perfect alternative to plastic sticky tape and a great eco-friendly solution to sealing your gifts and packages. Create a fun unboxing experience for your friends & family. You can use it for wrapping presents, sealing boxes, sticking things to walls, and everything else you would normally use plastic tape for! This paper tape is made from premier 60gsm paper (high percentage recycled) and printed with white ink. It is easy to tear, strong and instantly sticks to smooth or uneven surfaces. Paper tape is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape, it is self adhesive and made from renewable kraft paper.

Dimensions: 60gsm - Length: 50m Width: 24mm