Recycled Paper Tape 48mm Wide / 50m Long

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Recycled Sustainable Plastic Free Paper Tape

This kraft paper tape is the perfect alternative to nasty plastic sticky tape. You can use it for wrapping presents, sealing boxes, sticking things to walls and it’s easy to write on! We use this tape for packing all our online orders!  

This is recycled as well as being recyclable and compostable, therefore it can be considered another addition to our loop products : the products that have a full-circle life. Good enough for our parcels, good enough to stock. Happy shop staff, happy customers! 

Eco-friendly swap for plastic tape, self adhesive and made from renewable kraft paper and rubber based adhesive. Water and solvent resistant, acid free. This is a vegan product. 🌱

Compostable or recyclable.
Made from premier 70gsm paper (high percentage recycled) and comes in 50m roll.

Width: 48mm