Recycled Sari Gift Wrap

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Not just for Christmas ....these sari gift wraps can be used for gift-giving for all occasions.

Repurposed Nepalese Sari Gift Wrap. Beautiful coloured prints that can be reused time and time again. Perfect for wrapping up little gifts but can then be used as a headband or neck scarf. 

Wrap your Christmas presents in style with our recycled & upcycled Sari Fabric Gift Wraps! These reusable fabric gift wraps are the ideal zero-waste alternative to wrapping paper.

They are made in in Nepal from recycled saris by a recognised Fair Trade supplier. They can be used over and over again, passed around family and friends and can even be thrown in the washing machine if needed.

Not only that they can be used after gifting as a scarf, hair tie or even tied on to your bag. They are so beautiful you will want to show them off!

Think of these as a gift within a gift or as we do....ask for your fabric wrap back from friends & family.  They will love it so much they will want to keep it, it's a great way to show others how to be sustainable with gift wrapping.

Not only do these look beautiful they help reduce waste, use instead of wrapping paper, much of which is non-recyclable and inevitably comes wrapped in single-use plastic.  These wraps can be reused year after year.

Get Creative, fabric wrapping has a long history of use in Japan, where it is known as Furoshiki. It is enjoying a resurgence in Japan, and across the globe as to all the ways you can reduce waste by using Furoshiki wraps in the everyday, but especially at Christmas. There are lots of ways to wrap. You can add decorations like a pine cone, cinnamon stick, dried orange slices or a Christmas bauble!

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