Rhubarb UK Fresh - 300g

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British Rhubarb (300g)

Grown in the UK, our rhubarb packs a delicious, sweet flavour. 

This rhubarb is perfect for crumbles, jams, gins and all manner of foodie delights for the spring season.

Forced Rhubarb differs from outdoor seasonal rhubarb. It is thinner than unforced, and it produces these extra thin and elegant stems. Our bundles taste delicious, are thinner sticks than you would find in the supermarket! Smaller stems bring the same flavour, quality and cook slightly faster bringing bright pink juice.

The Forced Rhubarb Season usually runs from January to March, this year is marginally later.

You are ordering British Rhubarb with the leaf. This ensures freshness, longevity and greater flavour but remember to cut these off when they arrive. Forced Rhubarb is grown in the dark.

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