Rose Soap Bar

The Purbeck Soap Company

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Delicately Fragranced, Long Lasting & Luxurious

The Purbeck Soap Company is our local producer of artisan, traditional handmade Dorset soaps. Each soap is a piece of Purbeck art, meaning you can keep a piece of Dorset with you when you leave. These soaps make spectacular gifts, especially when paired with one of our natural olive wood soap dishes

This soap bar is made using a traditional handmade process. Each bar of soap is as individual as the person choosing them. Every soap is caringly hand cut or trimmed, with the decoration thoughtfully picked and applied with precision. Soaps are cured for a minimum of two weeks in the soap making workshop, before we receive them at SW Coast Refills. They are allowed time to cure and dry when they arrive with us, ensuring we deliver them to you in the best condition. Because of the way we make our soaps they self seal, trapping the essential oils and their benefits in for their whole use, more importantly this means we can use little to no packaging! 

Why package when you can look good naked?

This creamy and long lasting soap bar, is a beautiful and gentle soap that is our sense of indulgence! The rich heady scent of Rose is a fragrances that relaxes, balances and uplifts the mind. Just relax and feel great! Wonderful for slightly more mature or sensitive skin! Rose has an evocative flowery and delicate fragrance. It tones and soothes the skin and helps to rebalance skin tone, restoring radiance and elasticity. It is also thought to be astringent, reducing the appearance of broken capillaries.

SW Coast Refills is proud to work with local crafters and makers to support our local community and see independent businesses thrive. We are delighted to stock The Purbeck Soap Company soaps. If you are a local maker, crafter, producer or creator - we would love to hear from you!