Rude Health Cashew Milk Drink - 1L

Rude Health Cashew Milk Drink - 1L

Rude Health

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Rude Health Cashew Drink - 1L

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This product is :- Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic

Rude Health Cashew milk is for purists, made from only spring water, organic cashews (5%) and sea salt. The cashews are freshly roasted for ultimate nuttiness, then blended into a creamy, refreshing and nutritious drink. Pour into a glass straight from the fridge or add into smoothies, cocktails and desserts.

Sensuous smoothie: It makes them all silky and decadent. King Korma: adding cashew instead of coconut gives a korma intriguing twist. Hot Choc heaven: cashew drink turn hot chocolate into ane event. For best results use cacao powder.

Natural spring water, organic cashews (5%), sea salt.

Allergenic Info:

Contains Cashew Nuts. Free from Dairy and Gluten.