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100% Vegan Bamboo Shaving Brush with synthetic nylon bristles.

New improved Bamboo handle and softer bristles.

100% Vegan Shaving Brush. Synthetic fibre is an ethical, vegan-friendly, affordable alternative to badger hair. The fibre retains hot water which, when combined with shaving cream or soap, can create a creamy lather. Those with particularly sensitive skin may find that synthetic brushes are a good option as the tips are the softest of any type of shaving brush fill, offering an especially kind and pleasant touch to the skin.

The brush fill sits in a lightweight wooden handle.

To clean this brush, simply rinse under hot water (max temperature: 45°) and shake dry to remove any remaining lather residue. Do not use chemical detergents on this brush.

Size approx 11cm


Why we love this product:

The bamboo handles are more sustainable and the bristles are much softer with a nicer feel and better lather!  One of the very few exceptions to our 'Plastic Free' rule, this shaving brush is made with nylon bristles. The reasoning for this is that the only alternative available is badger hair and we hope you agree, that for an item which will give you many years of use, a small amount of plastic is permissible in order to prevent the often inhumane farming and hunting of badgers for their hair.