Aluminium Safety Razor Kit

Just Little Changes

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This traditional style razor kit from Just Little Changes is perfect for those seeking a plastic free and eco-friendly alternative!

This handy shaving box comes with a cardboard outer containing double edge safety razor with a sleek handle, as well as 5 x replacement blades.

What more could you need to save so much waste when shaving?

These are perfect for zero waste and sustainable living. This razor offers an affordable alternative to disposable razors.

Honestly, safety razors are not as scary as you think, you’ll soon pick up the technique and get a super close shave by the end of it meaning less shaving and bigger savings! This razor is carefully weighted to give a really controlled shave, ideal for leg shaves and beginners.

Don’t forget to buy a bar of shaving soap!

New to Safety Razors? We’ve got a few tips to get you started.

Use a soap with a lot of lather or a shaving soap and hold the blade at a 30 degree angle. Apply short strokes, you don’t need to apply any pressure, the blade should just glide leaving you with the closest shave.

Safety razor blades are universal, you can put any brand of blade into your razor and it should fit. If you don’t get on with your blades, you don’t have to go back to a disposable razor, just try a different brand of blade.

The blades are recyclable but do not throw them in with your normal recycling for obvious reasons. Check with your local recycling centre as to the best way to recycle these (usually in a tin).

100% Plastic free
5 x replacement blades
Eco-friendly & sustainable alternative to plastic razors
Ideal for women