Saffron Filaments - 1g

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Saffron Filaments - 1g

Finest Persian Saffron Filaments

On the label:
Crocus Sativus, World's most expensive spice. It is the dried stigmas of the flowers of the Saffron Crocus.

Infuse a few threads in quarter of a cup of boiling water and let it stand for 5-50 minutes. Add coloured liquid to any dish you desire towards the end of the cooking time.
Saffron can be used to add flavour and colur to sauces, bread, cakes, fish, chicken and sweets.

Floww the same procedure as above using quarter of a packet of saffron to two cups of rice. Cook two cups of rice by absorption method, reducing recommended quantity of water by quarter of a cup. When water is absorbed, add the quarter of a cup with saffron and continue cooking until the water is absorbed.