Set of 4 Handmade Dorset Face Scrubbies

Made by Kate

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Handmade by Kate, these face rounds are made with premium cotton threads and crocheted by hand. The ultimate eco-friendly beauty accessory and perfect stocking filler, birthday present or occasional gift. Zero waste reusable face scrubbies set Crocheted by hand using 100% cotton yarn. Made in Dorset. Set of 5 cotton reusable makeup pad removers. Hand crocheted and perfect for gentle everyday cleansing and exfoliation of your face. Each cotton round measures about 3 inches in diameter. Sets come in various designs and colour ways. Each set is unique and crafted with care. Each set comes with recyclable paper sleeve wrap with crafter information. Because these crochet rounds can be washed and re-used, they are the ultimate eco-friendly beauty accessory! Care of Crocheted Face Rounds They can be used with cleanser or make up remover or just plain old water 💧 When you are finished using, simply drop them into a mesh lingerie bag, wash and hang or lay flat to dry, for best results.