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Organic bamboo chopping boards make the best alternative to plastic cutting boards. Knife-friendly, lightweight, and naturally bacteria-resistant.

Go Green in the kitchen with our small bamboo chopping board suitable for small veg, onions, aubergines etc. Great as a cheeseboard or serving snacks with aperitifs.

17cm x 26cm x 0.8cm Vegan Friendly

Prepare your meals the eco-friendly way with our bamboo chopping board.

Among bamboo, plastic, and wood, the former is the ideal kind of cutting board. It does not ruin knives since the surface is basically hard grass. Also, it’s more lightweight and bacteria-resistant.

Opting for bamboo would not only be beneficial for you, but also for the environment as it reduces plastic usage. It is a renewable source and totally sustainable.

What makes bamboo the best kind of cutting board?

Highly-renewable – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants (or grass) in the world. Once you dispose of your old bamboo chopping board, you are free to get another one without guilt. On the other hand, buying plastic chopping board contributes to more waste. Remember, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose!

Sanitary – regular wood cutting boards are porous and absorbs more bacteria especially from red meat. Plastic cutting boards tend to leave micro-plastic bits on your food. On the contrary, our bamboo boards can naturally fight bacteria. It’s non-porous and therefore, the cleanest choice among other types of cutting boards.

Lightweight yet tough – You want to cook with less hassle as possible, so go for a lightweight but durable bamboo chopping board. Don’t worry about getting your knife dull too because the bamboo’s grassy surface can keep it sharp as new.

Earth-friendly – Most importantly, you lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle by using bamboo. Go green now with our all-bamboo home starter kit which includes a dishcloth, cutlery set, phone holder, steel straw, and cleaning brush.

Fast Facts about our bamboo cutting board:

Soybean finish


17cm x 26cm x 0.8cm


Best for fish, vegetables, fruits, and cheese

Comes in a zero waste packaging

Two important things to keep in mind:

How to clean a bamboo chopping board: –

Cleaning your board properly helps prolong its life. The right way to do it is to wash it first with hot water and soap. Let dry after. You may also wipe it with food-safe mineral oil.

How to avoid cross-contamination:–

This can be avoided by regularly sanitizing your board. However, for safer food consumption, it is recommended to have two cutting boards: one to slice fish; one for ready-made meals such as cheese, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Make your meal prep healthier and environmentally-friendly with our organic bamboo chopping board. Order now!

Top tip: cut a lemon in half and rub your bamboo board down to help remove any lingering smells from strong foods like onion and garlic. Rinse after rubbing.