Smooth Hazelnut and Carob Spread

Nutural World

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Nutural World Hazelnut and Carob Natural Spread in glass jar.

A satisfying spread made of 95% highest quality hazelnuts, lightly roasted and stone-milled to preserve their great taste and aroma. We add about 5% of Carob, to give it a luxurious taste, similar to other well known spreads – but with no added sugar, oil or other artificial flavours and substances. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, this highly nutritious butter is healthy and enjoyable on its own (try it on toasted bread) or as an ingredient in other dishes.

Culinary Use

Nutural World Hazelnut and Carob Spread is a chocolate-like spread – without the chocolate. It is invariably compared to and is associated with the famous Nutella spread, due to the hazelnut content and dark colour, but it contains very different ingredients (see comparison table in the pictures). Whilst only mildly sweet, considering that it contains just 5% of sugar from the carob fruit, it is amazingly tasty. Comments from early customers have been phenomenal, and it has swiftly become a best seller wherever it has been introduced. Tasting is believing!

About Nutural World 

Based in London, Nutural World is a multi-award-winning artisan producer of high quality and exceptionally good tasting nut butters and spreads. We produce our nut butters in small batches, using traditional stone grinders. All our products are certified Vegan, Kosher and Sugar Free. with no added salt, oil or artificial flavours. Our products are currently found in selected farm shops/delicatessen around the country and renowned food halls such as Fortnum and Mason.