Sunflower Spelt & Rye Loaf

Sunflower Spelt & Rye Loaf

SW Coast Refills

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Sunflower Spelt & Rye Loaf

Made with 100% spelt flour and smothered with delicious sunflower seeds. Just a touch of honey makes this both a delicious and healthy choice.

Ingredients: Spelt flour, water, salt, sunflower seeds, yeast

Allergens: GLUTEN

Note: product unsuitable for vegans.

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Taste the difference in real bread and savouries, made with only the simplest ingredients and hand-crafted by traditional and long standing bakery, Leakers Bakery. Baked in traditional brick-floored ovens.  Choose from a wide selection of Speciality, Spelt, Rye and Sourdough loaves to create a box to enjoy and to share or add to a SW Coast Refills Vegetable Box for Home Delivery for a Best of Dorset grocery selection delivered to your door each Friday.