Summer Solstice Solid Perfume

Flowery Whiff

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Summer Solstice Vegan Solid Perfume - 15g

Inspired by Midsummer's Eve and the Summer Solstice, this limited edition solid perfume was blended to capture that fleeting moment in June. Our solid perfumes are hand made in small batches using natural ingredients. These little tins contain oils that are good for your skin similar to ones we use in our lip elixirs.

Cocoa butter, sunflower oil and beeswax are the base and essential oils and fragrance oils are added at the end. They are lovely as a small imprompu gift for anyone as the light fragrances are suitable for all ages, and we think more personal than mass produced alcohol based perfumes.

A care free sunny blend of all the aromas we associate with this time of the year. Top citrusy grapefruit and a fruity green apple and plum are the top notes of this perfume, melting into fresh green fig and juniper middle notes, before the floral rose and palmarossa comes through to brighten your spirits.

Packaged in a little handy tin that can be popped into a pocket or a bag.

Ingredients: Made from Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Candelilla Wax and an invigorating blend of essential and fragrance oils.


“Quirky Skincare Products that will make you smile” Here they are introducing the team from Scarborough:

“At Flowery Whiff we are a sensitive lot. Our skin sometimes complains about dryness, redness or sometimes it just needs a little pampering. So we decided to make skincare products that suited our own needs rather than buy just what is presented to us in the stores. Our quirky range includes balms, serums and perfumes that are just a little bit different from the rest of the crowd. They are packed to the brim with oils and butters that are beneficial for your skin whether dry, normal or oily. We use simple and natural ingredients, organic when possible, and there are no mysterious ingredients or unnecessary additional preservatives. And best of all they smell lovely as they are mostly made with natural essential oils. We make all our products by hand in our studio by the seaside in North Yorkshire. They are made in small batches so that they arrive to you as fresh as possible.”