Swedish Dishcloth Set - 2 pack


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Swedish dishcloths have been a domestic necessity in homes around Sweden since the 1950s, renowned for their long lasting performance, super absorbency and quick-drying credentials.

The Swedish SUPERSCANDI dishcloth is no exception. It is a household essential, that offers a practical, versatile and earth-friendly alternative to the standard kitchen sponge. Our multi-use cloth is used as a sponge to wash dishes and wipe down surfaces, as a paper towel to absorb liquids and spillages and around the home, office, car and garden for general cleaning purposes. It is the ultimate multi-purpose cloth that will become a domestic friend that you will come to rely on.

Each SUPERSCANDI cloth will do the job of up to 15 rolls of paper towels, preserving both your eco credentials and wallet. It is highly absorbent cloth; drinking fifteen times its own weight in liquids. Not only are SUPERSCANDI cloths more absorbent than traditional cotton cloths, they will also last a lot longer.


Art Deco, Mane, Strikk.

Another fantastic feature of the SUPERSCANDI cloth is that it is lightweight and very easy to clean so is a more hygienic alternative to kitchen sponges. The quick drying composite of our cloths reduces the build-up of bad odour.

To keep your SUPERSCANDI cloth clean, simply add it to your dishwasher or washing machine cycle. Each of our cloths is 20x17cm.

The SUPERSCANDI cloth is a natural product, made from cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp, making it 100% biodegradable and kind to the environment. With one less landfill product to add to the bin, simply throw your used SUPERSCANDI dishcloth onto the compost heap and let nature take its cause. Here at SUPERSCANDI, we are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing unnecessary waste. Our cloths are completely biodegradable and our packaging is 100% recycled cardboard and/or corn starch based wrapping. Our cloths are made in the EU.