UK Toilet Roll in Home Compostable Wrap - 9 pack - SW Coast Refills

UK Toilet Roll in Home Compostable Wrap - 9 pack

Soft On Nature

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Cushion soft toilet tissue is made from responsibly sourced trees converted at a zero-emissions paper mill and then manufactured and wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable packaging. Where are the ‘Soft on Nature’ products made? Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the elements of the production process happen in the UK at our factory in Oldham; from the paper to the compostable packaging! The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)