Vegan Leather Dog Snack Pouch

Head in the Woods

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A snack pouch designed for dogs, with a roll top, popper fastening and carry hoop. One of our collection of vegan leather bags which look and feel like paper, but are wipeable, machine washable and incredibly robust. This pouch will improve with use; becoming softer and more pliable with each wash. Features a paw print on the front, so you know to keep this one for the pooch! I use mine for doggy snacks and dog poo bags (pre-use, of course!).

For everyday cleaning, wipe clean and rinse, before allowing it to air-dry. Scrunch up before laying out for extra softness.

The pooch pouch is made in the UK by Sanne, owner of the wonderfully named 'Head In The Woods'. The snack pouch is made to Sanne's exacting standards, by hand, and comprises 60% cellulose and 40% latex.

About Head In The Woods
Hand In The Woods is a small one-person company, based in the Rossendale Valley. It is a landfill free business, with all off-cuts and plastic waste from fabric rolls repurposed for reusable items like cushions. Sanne's products are inspired by her desire to cut out single-use products, and they are made to last with practicality and durability in mind.