Dish Washing Soap Bar - Unfragranced

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EcoLiving Unfragranced Dish Soap Bar - 230g

Made using natural ingredients in the UK.

Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Dish Soap Bar:  the perfect, plastic free way to get your dishes squeaky clean. Use on your dishes, pots and pans and also for cleaning your kitchen surfaces, this mighty bar is perfect for reducing plastic waste around the home.

Not only is this great for around the home, its also perfect for camper vans or boats and camping trips, taking less space in your bag compared to detergents in bottles. Made from organic plant-based ingredients, the waste water is gentle on the planet and safe for plants, marine and aquatic life – in fact you can use the dish water to water your plants in the garden!

Vegan friendly, palm oil free and simple to use. Just wet your sponge, cloth or brush and rub it against the soap bar until there is a little foam, then wash your dishes as normal. Don’t stick the bar in the bottom of the sink and then fill with water - this isn’t a washing up liquid!

To help make this soap bar last even longer, try keeping it dry between uses.

Made from 100% natural ingredients ECOCERT approved organic ingredients Zero waste and plastic free

How Long Will It Last?

Chunky 230g bar will last 3 - 4 months when allowed to dry fully between uses.

Biodegradable Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, naturally occurring glycerin, sodium carbonate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate (derived from coconut oil) - approved by ECOCERT.

Go green with Ecoliving:

Their eco-friendly, sustainable household products are perfect for embracing a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle. Absolutely everything is ethically made from environmentally-friendly, natural materials and ecologically packaged too. Ecoliving's high quality products for your home, bathroom and throughout your house are thoughtfully designed to work hard for you with minimal environmental impact. Shop sustainably with Ecoliving at SW Coast.