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OceanSaver Bottle for Life


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A 100% recyclable Bottle for Life from OceanSaver, designed to be reused with OceanSaver refill drops. Instead of buying a brand new plastic bottle of pre-mixed cleaner every time you run out, buy one reusable and recyclable plastic bottle, and refill with eco-friendly concentrated cleaning pods.

OceanSaver cleaning pods are made with plant based ingredients and have a biodegradable formula that delivers a perfect clean every time.

Made in the UK.

About OceanSaver

Born from a deep love of the ocean, Oceansaver is committed to making home cleaning solutions with totally biodegradable plant-based ingredients. The revolutionary drops were developed to combat single-use plastics in cleaning and preserve our oceans, the plants, the animals and other organisms that live in them.

The fully biodegradable drops are lab tested, have proven efficacy and are super simple to use. Add one drop to an empty plastic trigger bottle, fill with water and shake – don’t throw away any old cleaning bottles, reuse them with the ocean drops!