How To Shop Zero Waste

How To Shop Zero Waste - SW Coast Refills

We sell a range of spices, herbs, grains, legumes, dried fruits and nuts all free from wasteful plastic packaging.  

Each product is sold by weight so you can buy as much or as little as you need (we ask that you purchase a minimum of 30g for spices as weighing and decanting accurately below this value is quite difficult!)

Just bring your own container, buy a jar or bag from us, or use one of our recyclable paper bags.

We also have refill stations for your empty bottles of household products, with everything from laundry detergent, to liquid hand soap and multi-surface cleaner.

There’s no need to buy a new bottles of product - it’s cheaper and less wasteful to refill! You can also pick up a range of recycled and sustainable products from toilet roll to sustainable bamboo toothbrushes and solid shampoo bars.

What to Do

1. Bring your containers from home (we recommend you don't bring Grandmas heavy teapot or the glass jar collection!)

TOP TIP - think lightweight! Items such as produce bags or empty bread wrappers are ideal, empty flour packets, sugar packets, empty resealable cheese sleeves, zip lock bags, freezer bags or if you use bags to line your food waste bin, why not use one of those multiple times to carry food back and forth to our store before using it eventually for your food waste bin?

2. Weigh your empty bottles and bags using our scales and record their weight in grams using one of the pens provided. First time in store - no problem! Ask a member of staff at the till to do it for you, they will even help you fill up!

3. Fill your bags and bottles using scoops, funnels and spoons provided. If you are unsure, are a little nervous or just have your hands full please ask - we are more than happy to assist you!

4. Hand your containers in for weighing and payment at the till.

5. That's it - we do the rest!

Please note that we do not print receipts as receipt roll once printed on is non-recyclable due to the inks used. The receipts we offer are via email only.

Food Allergies

If you or someone you are shopping on behalf of has a food allergy or intolerance, please read our Allergy Policy prior to shopping with us and make contact with our staff ahead of purchasing for additional information and guidance.