Our Palm Oil Policy - Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community

We are a committed member of the Dorset Sustainable Palm oil Community initiative. We aim to ensure all products sold and used in our business which contain palm oil or palm oil derivates come from a certified sustainable source.  
In doing so, we are helping to support livelihoods and protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices and helping to promote change throughout our supply chain in the usage of palm oil. 

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SW Coast Refills supports the use of RSPO certified palm oil where it serves as the most effective oil in a product. The majority of our products are palm oil free and we aim to ensure consumer transparency and awareness by clear labelling of products containing Palm derivative.

Palm oil is the highest yeilding oil for land use, and we believe that in order to ensure sustainability and biodivesity in these plantations the use of sustainable palm oil should not be boycotted. 

We pledge to audit and carefully source all new products to store, and on a formal annual basis audit to obtain evidence of palm oil derivate use. 

It is our intention to never sell products which contain uncertified palm oil.

Find out more about Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community & becoming the first county in the world to pledge to avoid Palm from unsustainable sources. https://www.efeca.com/our-work/dorset-sustainable-community/