Card Assassins: A Party Game Without Safe Words

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Card Assassins: A Party Game Without Safe Words

Card Assassins is not your average card game. It’s played at all times, behind the scenes.

It's perfect for group trips, competitive roommates, backstabbing co-workers or courageous families. Assassinate your targets by getting them to say one of your Kill Words, any way you can.

Game play:

There are three main types of cards; kill cards, assassin cards and target cards. The objective of the game is to assassinate as many players as you can by getting them to say one of the kill words on your kill card. You get dealt one kill card, one assassin card and the associated target card at the beginning of the game. You need to get the target to say one of the words on your kill card. You will then replace your cards with the target that you assassinated and get new target and kill words. You win the game by having more kills than your opponents.

It can be played in the background. You don’t need to sit around the table like other games and just play Assassins! It can easily be played on your camping trip or adventure or team building day along the way or throughout your holiday just to spice things up a little bit while you are doing other activities.

  • Get your friends to say certain words to eliminate them to become the last assassin standing
  • Learn how to play in 90 seconds
  • Can be played anytime, anywhere
  • Ultimate travel or on the go game
  • Light and compact for easy travel
  • Ages 12+
  • 3-6 Players