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Ceylon Light & Late Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea - 100g

Cup of Tea

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Ceylon Light & Late Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea - 1 x 100g serve

Gentle decaffeinated loose leaf breakfast tea. Light, full aromatic decaffeinated black tea for drinking at breakfast and throughout the day.

Love a cuppa?  Love caffeine less? Our Decaffeinated Breakfast tea is just as rousing as our classic Assam blend, simply with the majority of the caffeine washed away.

We've selected a classic Ceylon tea that has been decaffeinated using the gentle CO2 method; ensuring the full bodied taste remains and we bring you a clear, brisk cup with a pleasing strength and smoothness. 

Ceylon Light & Late is delicious both black and with milk. Lovely when you feel like a classic brew late in the day, or if you're already raring to go after breakfast.

Ingredients: light, full aromatic decaffeinated black tea.