Children’s Vegan Wrapping Paper 100% Recycled - Birthday Party


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Re-wrapped Environmentally Friendly Wrapping Paper in stunning designs for reducing your waste, and saving the planet, one celebration at a time!

Re-wrapped wrapping paper uses 100% Recycled Unbleached Paper and is printed in a variety of artist created designs with Vegan Friendly Vegetable Inks.

Why We Love Them

This means all Re-wrapped gift wrap products can themselves be recycled, as well as being 100% biodegradable & home compostable.

Each sheet is made in the UK & individually designed by UK Designers (ccheck out the corner of your sheet, it has the name of the print designer uniquely recognised here!) 

The paper used is thick and high quality 100gsm 100% Recycled Paper - in fact we re-wrapped and re-used every sheet gifted to us last Christmas!

Sheet Size 50x70cm (19.5x27.5")

Unbleached Paper with no Plasticised Coating, Metal or Other Additives, meaning all our products can be recycled

Carbon Balanced Manufacturing Processes

Each shey purchased comes with matching Swing Tag

Paper will be delivered Folded & tied with kraft twine for UK Postal orders.