Natural Wooden Buddha Spoon

Natural Wooden Buddha Spoon

Jungle Culture

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Perfect for digging into your bowls, these beautiful buddha spoons are handcrafted by artisans. Made from reclaimed waste ebony wood, the natural dark grain matches our Coconut Bowls and is a great eco-friendly replacement for plastic cutlery.

Stylish, sustainable, and easy to clean, our spoons are perfect for scooping up whatever nourishing meal you have in your Coconut Bowl!

Our coconut bowls and wooden spoons are hand crafted in southern Vietnam where our designers work closely with local artisans to develop beautiful & sustainable works of art. Each wooden spoon is completely natural and is upcycled from the off cuts of wood used for furniture. They are smoothed and sanded down before being polished with 100% organic coconut oil in order to protect them. They are completely vegan friendly and can be used for beautiful buddha bowls or smoothie bowl creations.

Set Contains: 1 x Hand crafted wooden spoon

Coconut Bowls available to purchase separately.