Cypressa Capers

Cypressa Capers


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These capers from Cypressa are great in salads and pasta.

Bursting with fragrance and flavour and extensively used in the Mediterranean Diet.

They bring their own unique punchy, tangy and piquant character to a dish and can be used as a seasoning or fried to give a crispy texture and more subtle flavour. They work so well in so many dishes! 

They are renowned for promoting the appetite and are therefore a classic part of any Mediterranean platter of starters. Delicious in salads, they go equally well with tomato, green olives, celery and herbs such as basil, oregano and thyme. Mix them into a pate with black olives for a great tapenade. They really come into their own as a base for all kinds of rich sauces including the legendary puttanesca! 

Capers, water, vinegar, salt.

Rinse well before eating. Capers contain iron, calcium, and high levels of sodium.

270g - Drained weight - 150g