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Ecozone Plughole Hair Unblocker


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Ecozone Plughole Hair Unblocker - 250ml

This specially developed formula from Ecozone contains safe non-corrosive chemicals to break down hair that causes blockages in bathroom plug holes. It does this by dissolving hair without damaging your plumbing. Suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.
The bottle contains 2 concentrated applications to tackle the most stubborn of blockages.  

•    Allergy UK
•    Vegan and cruelty free
•    Safer to use than other conventional drain products
•    Dissolves hair unblocking the toughest blockages caused by it
•    Free from corrosive chemicals it is safer to use than conventional drain products


Contains amongst other ingredients: aqua, alcohol ethoxylate, alcohol, protease enzyme and calcium thioglycollate.