Fluf Flip Snack Bag - Polka Dot Black & White

Fluf Flip Snack Bag - Polka Dot Black & White


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Stylish, reusable food bag for kids and adults. Safe and non-toxic. Hook and Loop (Velcro) closure. Fully machine washable and easy to clean. Rinsable, tested food-safe lining. Sustainably and ethically made with organic + recycled materials. Can be used hundreds of times and replaces single-use plastic bags.

Brand: Fluf

Endlessly washable and Proudly sustainable.

This reusable food bag is made from thick organic cotton canvas.

Fully machine washable and has a rinsible, food-safe polyester lining for when it does not need a full wash.

  • Certified organic cotton
  • Preshrunk and fully machine washable
  • Secure closure
  • Rinsable, tested food-safe lining



Not just for the children but for big kids too!

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Air dry.