Green Goddess Chilli Sauce - Medium

Weymouth 51

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Weymouth 51 Green Goddess Chilli Sauce - 220ml - MEDIUM

Award winning hot sauces from Weymouth 51

Firm favourite of the chilli sauces, this magical green ferment is our staff pick and a bestseller.

Fresh but raw intense green chilli flavours. Thai Green Curry, Bullets, Green unripen Cayenne, Green Anaheims, Friars Hats, Jalapenos, Poblano, Serrano, Habaneros and many more. A real Mexican style sauce refreshing packed with flavour.

Great over a ripe tomato salad with a drizzle of olive oil. Perfect with grilled fish and meat esp. pork and chicken. 

Fresh Chillies 50%, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Spring Water, Fresh Onion, Fresh Garlic, Sea Salt, Stabiliser Xanthan Gum.

Once opened keep in fridge and consume within 6 weeks. Shake well before use. As we use no preservatives, natural colours may change over time.