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Green Tea Keemun Congou - 100g

Cup of Tea

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Green Keemun Congou Tea - 1 x 100g serve

From the lush, mist-enshrouded hillsides of East Asia comes green tea: a drink whose distinctive flavour and versatility make it a popular choice around the world.

Green and black tea come from the same plant. It's differing taste and compsoition comes from the production and processing of the leaves.

Chinese green tea provides a light and invigorating refreshment. It is paler in colour and sweeter in flavour than its Japanese counterpart, by virtue of its mode of production.

A rediscovered exclusive rare tea from the south province of Anhui with a beautifully balanced, rounded, aromatic flavour. We are adamant that once you have ditched the tea bags you will have reached a point of no return. There simply is no flavour like that of loose tea.