Hand and Delicate Laundry Liquid Unfragranced SESI

Hand and Delicate Laundry Liquid Unfragranced SESI


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Unfragranced hand wash and delicate laundry liquid

- available in 100g refill denominations or 500ml / 1L Recycled PET Bottle (refillable)

Lightly fragranced laundry liquid for delicates, silks and wools to ensure clean and fresh smelling laundry every load!

Just be sure to return the container when it’s empty! We work on a zero waste, closed loop system meaning this tub won’t go to landfill or at best recycling. There’s a new best in town, it’s closed loop. It means SESI collects your empty tub from us, washes it out and refills it again. 

So when your laundry liquid runs out, simply pre-order another tub here, and when it’s ready to collect, return your old tub and we will give you the new one! 

SESI are a great social enterprise we are proud to stock. They take back and refill the bulk containers they supply to us, meaning the entire supply chain of SESI products from manufacture to your doorstep has no plastic waste. All their products are vegan, biodegradable and cruelty-free.