Little’s Coffee Co. Maple Walnut Instant Coffee

Little’s Coffee Co. Maple Walnut Instant Coffee

Little’s Coffee Co.

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Maple Walnut Flavoured Instant Coffee by Little’s Coffee Co.

Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the naturally sweet and comforting flavour of maple and walnut. When Henry was growing up in America, maple walnut pie was a Little family favourite, so we wanted to pay homage to this New England classic. This coffee is delicious with a little touch of sugar to bring out the natural maple sweetness. 

  • No added sugar
  • 100% arabica coffee
  • vegan, lactose free, gluten free
  • 4 calories per cup!

INGREDIENTS: Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavourings

Little’s flavoured coffees are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy winter evening, preferably in front of an open fire with a movie on the TV. Dreamy!  Not tried them yet? What are you waiting for? Give this gift and then stay for a brew! Little’s Coffee started over 25 years ago when husband and wife team, Henry and Leila Little, first dreamed up the idea of making flavoured coffee – inspired by the coffee roasters they encountered on their travels around California. Before long, they both quit their day jobs to become full-time flavoured coffee fanatics! Their family now continue to keep the brand alive, based in Devon where they make and pack all their coffee.

What Little’s have to say:

“75% of all the coffee bought in stores is instant (isn’t that wild?) and a huge section of the shelves are dominated by big players. Well, we’re the small guys on a big mission to disrupt the status quo by putting quality and flavour front and centre and showing that instant coffee is something to drink with pride.”
“We don’t take the easy road when it comes to our coffee and we make decisions based on things we believe in – like making our jars plastic free, making our pods 100% aluminium and committing to never include sugar or anything weird and artificial in any of our coffees. Just flavours from the natural world and high-quality coffee.”